Where do we start?

Marketing is not science and it’s not an algorithm. It’s interaction with each other. How best to reach someone with your message, whether for a contribution, a purchase or a brand ambassador. If you are not able to engage effectively with your desired audience you will miss opportunities in your market place.

Understanding what is right for you will take a lot of knowledge and understanding, not only of your business but also your market place, your customers now and who you customer are likely to be in the future. Once we have this nailed down we can then work on the best strategy for you.

The scatter gun approach may provide a great reach but it’s unlikely that this is going to effectively target your desired customer.

Where do you want start?…..all social media platforms, webinars, new website, downloads, live streaming, exhibitions, ad buy, press, contributor, thought leader, networking, print, blog, OOH, Vlog, emarketing, brand build, awareness campaign, event, widgets, sign ups, lists, ecommerce, AI…..and on and on and on.

If you keep looking at ideas and new opportunities that you want to try out, your list of things to do will only ever get bigger, you’ll never achieve your goals and you will need to find another 8 hours in every day!

The right question that we ask at the start is….. Where are my customers? Then together we go and meet them there.