Who are you going to be working with?

A highly professional, ILM accredited, commercially aware Marketing expert, skilled in developing and implementing brand, marketing and communication strategies to deliver high quality solutions. Well-versed in providing strategic direction to organisations with a focus on digital engagement and delivery of exceptional levels of ROI. Extensive experience within marketing and communication across a wide range of sectors within the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Blah Blah Blah Blah

The real me……is pretty normal. I love my job (most days). I love that I get a work life balance and that I am able to define my own career. I work hard so that I can enjoy spending time outside of work on the things I love like; travel, reading, cycling, seeing my friends and family, learning new things and buying shoes!

The geek in me is obsessed with all things Google, I have attended more workshops than I can remember. I’ve read every book, watched every film, every documentary, every article. If it exists I’m all over!

The change in marketing that I have in seen in the years since I started working in local press advertising, has been fascinating. For the most part we are inherently creatures of habit, we like what we know and what feels comfortable. So when a product or service can completely turn that on it’s head, it shows the power of the market, driving consumer behaviour.

Google, Amazon, Facebook and the iPhone didn't exist 20 years ago! I still remember Steve Jobs launching the iPod and his ‘1000 songs in your pocket’. That was it for me I became ‘Apple’ hook, line and sinker, as did so many others, perfect Brand Advocates. The way we all now consume information, buy products and use services is completely ‘me’ centric. We are driven by intuitive ideas but we all need to be convinced that the change is a good idea.

Together, we can convince your customers how good your idea is!